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modular homes & cottages

the home becomes a product


This is the LOOM CRAFTS revolution: the building becomes a product that can be personalized by the customer, just like if you are buying a car. In this way, during the concept phase, you will have a reliable quotation of the costs involved by the construction. Once the order has been sent, the production process occurs. Furthermore, modular construction results in fewer vehicle movements to, from and on the construction site, reducing also transport-related emissions and disruption. Lastly, you will experiment a significant reduction in construction times and will get the keys earlier. Each product comes with a user manual, which describes the functions of the building, the best practices for a proper maintenance, the quality certifications and the warranty.

delivered complete – ready to use

ultimate in zero maintenance construction

50+ year economic lifespan

stylish, contemporary & innovative design

outstanding insulation for year-round thermal comfort

sustainable & environmentally friendly build

20 year structural guarantee

moveable/transportable structures

can be legally classed as ‘temporary’ (depending on the model)

fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime

what we do


Homes & Cottages

Choose from a range of designs & layouts

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Glamping Pods

Suitable for Resorts / Camping sites with options of layouts

Tiny Homes

Introducing Tiny Homes on Wheels suitable for farm houses etc


technology & design


LOOM CRAFTS uses the best dry technologies, already tested and available on the market, to design modular buildings with standard components. The structural components of the floor, wall and roof are totally prefabricated  by Loom Crafts as we are experts in the processing, with numerically controlled machines, and assembly of the materials.


LOOM CRAFTS promotes modularity in the construction sector: buildings will be no longer designed, but configured with standard components, that are produced in the factory. The shape, the function and every surface, internal and external, are customizable: there are no limits to the imagination!


Any prefab component is delivered directly to the construction site and installed rapidly; thanks to an error-proof joint systems and mechanical fastenings. It is essential to involve any specialized actor, in order to guarantee environmentally friendly products, quick mounting, design and high quality buildings.

farewell to traditional construction


Every layer of the modular panel is designed with the perspective of a mass production: the purpose consists of reducing as more as possible the number of processes carried out on-site, to manage them directly into the factory (off-site). A modern production implies also material trace-ability, high precision, reliable costs and brief delivery times.


The modular panels and the other elements are packed and safely loaded on trucks, in order to assure the maximum performance and protect the quality of the product. The final customer will not receive a pre-mounted module, as it used to implie an oversize load, so the delivery cost would be expensive.


The dimensions of the modular panels are optimized, so that they can be loaded into a standard truck or container. This means LOOM CRAFTS can ship worlwide its products.


The assembly of the structures is simple, quick and intuitive. Each panel is lifted by a light crane truck, it is positioned correctly, then fastened with screws. Finally, vapor barriers seal the building, so that the structure is completely protected against water and moisture.



80% - 90% of the construction is completed inside a factory, which mitigates the risk of weather delays, allowing projects to be completed in half the time of traditional construction.


Because construction of modular buildings can occur simultaneously with the site and foundation work, projects are cost-effective than traditional construction.


Flexibility and relocatability of modular components add to the cost-effectiveness over time. Their durable, secure and relocatable characteristics make them ideal for both temporary and permanent applications that will meet the requirements of any industry.


Loom Crafts utilizes state-of-the-art facilities that integrate best practices in design and workflow. Modular buildings are required to meet the same building codes as traditional construction.


The fully controlled fabrication process inside the factory generates less waste, creates fewer site disturbances and allows for tighter construction.

risk reduction

The indoor construction environment reduces the risks of accidents and related liabilities for workers.

layouts & costings

modRoom XL & 'A' Frame
Smart House
Glamping Pods
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