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Introduce the AlpinePod, an elegant and modern prefab modular cottage from Loom Crafts. This single room design, with an attached bathroom, is available in 3 different sizes, catering to all needs. The unique tapered walls give the interior an open and spacious feel, making the AlpinePod an ideal choice for a wide range of uses. Its sleek, contemporary design and eco-friendly features make it perfect for vacation homes, rental properties, camping sites, and hotels or resorts looking for something special to offer their guests.


One of the main advantages of AlpinePod design is its tapered walls. The unique shape not only adds visual interest but also allows for more natural light to enter the space, making it feel brighter and more inviting. This is especially beneficial for vacation homes, rental properties and camping sites as it helps create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for guests.

In addition, the AlpinePod's minimalist design is perfect for small spaces, making it ideal for those who want to maximize their living space without compromising on style or functionality. The attached bathroom ensures guests have the comfort of private bathroom facilities, providing the perfect blend of rustic and modern living.

Eco-friendliness is an important aspect that has been kept in mind while designing AlpinePod. The use of sustainable materials, efficient use of space, helps in reducing environmental footprint. This makes it an attractive option for customers who are looking to minimize their impact on the environment.


In conclusion, the AlpinePod is a versatile and stylish design that will appeal to a wide range of customers. Its tapered walls, attached bathroom, and eco-friendly features make it an excellent choice for vacation homes, rental properties, camping sites, and hotels or resorts looking to offer their guests something unique and special. The AlpinePod offers a truly special living experience and we are confident that it will quickly become a popular choice among our customers.

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