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The tiny home is a small factory made home made of Steel that is, most of the time, built on a road trailer. It can therefore be moved at any time and does not require a permit to build. These homes are available with wheels on a trailer or without the wheels which can be placed directly on pre-casted foundations.

Tiny Homes are best suited for Small Farmhouses on remote locations, Hotels & Resorts, Camping Getaways, No Construction Zones as they dont need any permissions as there is no civil work on site involved.

It is also and above all an economical and eco-responsible solution to live with less material possessions, in a space specially designed to meet its own needs. The tiny homes were born in the United States about twenty years ago.


Loom Crafts is an Indian Steel Building company (the workshop is located in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR), specialized in the design and manufacture of Prefabricated Steel Framed Buildings. We have recently tied up with a German Company for technical support to manufacture Tiny Homes in India. The team also offers facilitating tools for self-builders. In our little homes, nothing is left to chance. The alliance between comfort, functionality, well-being and eco-responsibility is our priority. You will understand, at Loom Crafts, "small" does not mean "less", quite the contrary.  

Every project starts with a meeting at our office. We then exchange around a coffee to define the needs that your tiny homes will have to meet. This very personal list of '' ingredients '' will allow us to design the recipe in 3D! Once drawn in volume, we validate architecture and layout together, but also materials and colors. Our team can then develop the technical plans that will be used for construction.



Build your own tiny home hotel?


A tiny home hotel can be a great spot for Hotels & Resorts, campgrounds, wedding venues, retreat venues, and much more. The possibilities are endless for what a tiny home hotel can provide. Tiny home hotels offer a more intimate experience with their environment than traditional hotels for the same price.

Tiny home hotels contain homes under 400 square feet, are often located in scenic places, and offer guests the chance to explore the outdoors or local attractions. Many tiny home hotels offer the features of a traditional hotel: they can sleep 5+ people, have wifi/cable, have an outdoor deck/grill, and have a full bathroom/kitchen. In addition, they can offer unforgettable experiences for weddings, dining, business retreats, and family reunions.

In addition, tiny home hotels can be formed on a smaller level. As long as you have land and one tiny home, then you can set up a cozy bread and breakfast.

Choosing the Right Tiny Homes For Your Hotel


When determining the tiny home you want to use for your hotel, you want to make sure that it is fully accommodating to your customer. Will your customers be able to sleep their entire family? Is there enough built in storage for food and clothes? Does the design allow for your customers to feel connected to the scenic outdoors? Is their something unique and memorable about your hotel?

One of the great things about tiny home hotels is that it’s very easy to expand your capacity. As long as there is land and electricity/water available, tiny home hotels can add more units whenever they wish.

Attracting Tiny Homes Hotel Customers


The location of your tiny home hotel may be your biggest selling point. Many customers decide to stay in a tiny home because they’re looking to disconnect and spend time outdoors, so by choosing a location that is close to activities like hiking or swimming you ensure that your customers will have a great time while they’re on their vacation. In addition, customers may want to check out some cultural attractions while on their vacation. Locations that allow customers to spend time outdoors and are nearby to cultural attractions are optimal locations.

Construction Restricted Zones


As Tiny Homess are on wheels, they doesn't need any fixed to ground foundations / plinth so making it possible them to be placed on any Construction Restricted Zones. There are no laws in the government books to govern the Tiny Homes in India which means they are just been parked on the land without any on site construction. Be it next to the beach or a river, hills or mountains, jungle retreat, our tiny homes are best suited for any location or site. 

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