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The architecture of this tiny house stands out for its sturdy roof ladders and its large glass facade that plunges the house into a bath of light. The living room includes a sofa and a coffee table.

The kitchen is equipped with plenty of storage space, a fridge, a stainless steel sink. In the extension of the furniture, there is a table that can accommodate two people for a meal. The large worktop and its credence are in solid wood.

A staircase including a large fridge and many storage, allows access to the floor. 

The mezzanine is 3.5m long, which is especially great for a tiny house. Two double beds could easily be installed. At the edge of this loft is a large shelf, which can receive various decorative items or simply serve as a library. 


It is equipped with fully functional toilet with storage and a shower. The toilet is fully functional which just needs to be connected to input supply and waster water discharge on the site once it is placed on ground.

A sliding door gives access to a last room at the bottom of the tiny house. This room can be accessible directly from the outside, that's why this house is equipped with a second door. Finally, many shelves serve as pantry.


Tiny Homes frames are all made of Structural Steel along with the Chassis properly treated for rust free durability. The walls are made up of Galvanized Steel Sections which are then insulated with 100mm thick Rock Wool. The covering of the walls and roof are done with OSB which are then sealed with water proofing membranes.


The exterior of our Tiny Homes comes with options of Natural Wood, LoomClad Aluminium Cladding or Cement Siding as per the clients requirement. The Roof is fitted with PPGI Steel Sheets with choice of colors. The tiny Homes comes with an option of wheels and can be without wheels too which are placed directly on a plinth.


The interiors will be as shown in the above images with Pine wood cladding on the walls and ceiling. The flooring will be Laminate in the areas other than bathroom which will have normal tiles. All Electrical fittings will be complete as shown. Doors will be of hardwood and windows of UPVC or Aluminium.


As our Tiny Homes are designed to save space, all furniture and fittings such as AC, TV, Fridge, Kitchen Equipments, Bathroom Fittings are provided by us which means our Tiny Home is complete in all respect other than soft furnishings. Living room will be provided with a sofa cum bed which can be used by 2 more adults.


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