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Modular Construction can be classified as temporary though as strong as concrete

We have enhanced ourselves to live in a modern world, and we require all our accessible things to be modernised. And, so do our Construction and buildings. Modular construction is the construction of this modern era.

Modular Construction can be termed as the construction of the main parts or Modules of the building to be fabricated away from the site of construction and then those modules are assembled on-site to create the building.

Construction of modules is done at a workplace, like, a factory. The outright modules are generated at the workplace. The time required to assemble the modules is less, thus, Modular Constructions are time-effective.

Modular Construction is a Temporary

We continuously strive to work out our problems in one way or the other. Sometimes we may find the perfect solutions, but may not last for a long time due to the many reasons. Modular construction may be favourable in many ways but still can’t be called as a permanent solution.

The modules are assembled to generate a building in the same way that can be dismantled too.

This is not a permanent solution to the housing issue.

Modifications can be done in construction from time to time which makes it temporary.

This type of construction is not approved in some areas, and this makes it less suitable as a solution to housing in such areas.

Strength of Modular Construction

The modular construction was invented to protect houses and buildings from natural disasters such as earthquakes and cyclones. They are generally made up of Wood and Steel to make the construction robust. The heavy-duty of the materials as well as the modules are tested for the following:

Modular Constructions are strong enough to face the wear and tear of the climatic and environmental changes.

The materials used for the construction of the modules are made resistant to water, ensuring the heavy-duty of the construction.

Modular Constructions are proven to replace concrete in the future as they are extreme in power.

The use of modular construction is creating a new future. This will allow us to face all our problems with conventional brick mortar construction and replace them with Modular Construction. Even though it has some drawbacks, the perks obtained by Modular Construction are remarkable.

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