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Benefits of Modular construction in Pandemic like COVID 19

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

When COVID first broke out in the city of Wuhan, they found modular construction repealing the best benefits. Life has taken an upside turn for all due to the pandemic and it is high time to shift focus on architecture as well. With the shortage of skilled labors retiring without replacement, many new projects are lying without any hope of completion. The only remedy is modular construction involving pre-made modules in the factory and assembling is done in the construction sites. As the construction is not done on-site, it allows for efficient work using less-skilled workers.

During the Pandemic going on and even post-pandemic, modular constructions help in solving problems of architects and the city as a whole. They also see that all projects are meeting safety regulations for continuing to work.

Why are modular constructions considered good for hospitals?

Modular constructions are ones that come with a lot of repetitions. Nursing homes and hospitals are great concepts for this type of construction. Assembling becomes easy in this type and is not dependent on the weather at any cost. The modules built in the factory can be assembled at any point in time and are useful nowadays. But now with social distancing playing a major role, putting of modules will require different practices.

Benefits of modular construction

  • With better cost performance and having a positive impact on society, modular construction turns out to be an effective choice.

  • The pace of modular construction makes the projects so much cheaper.

  • Economics also plays a great role in this. This has the potential of achieving much savings in construction projects.

  • With the lockdown situations rising beyond any control, it might be possible that the design trends will shift from open wide spaces to buildings having more individual rooms and sections. This will make modular constructions so much more appealing in the future.

Health care is the biggest sector in need of modular construction for many years to come. Depending on the project you are working on, the areas required might be larger. This allows the contractors to reduce the space by reducing the sizes of the places for making hospitals. All the architects and engineers will have to work under the contractors for the standardization of components and construction methods.


Modular construction is such a new concept and for years to come, it will be in the scene even after the pandemic is over.

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