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Speed of Modular construction vs conventional brick mortar construction

Modular construction, what does it mean?

Modular Construction is termed as the type of construction done with the help of modules.

Modules are small repetitive segments that are required for the construction. Modules are forged away from the construction site, i.e. off-site, and then are escorted on-site to set up the complete construction.

The construction of modules and the modular construction does not require a skilled or large number of labourers.

The materials generally used for modular construction are Wood, Steel, or Concrete.

Modular construction provides strong and durable constructions which in return provide better results.

What is a Conventional brick mortar construction?

Man has been using Bricks, and Mortar for construction purposes since a long way back in the past. Bricks and Mortar construction has proved to be very effective in protecting him from seasonal and environmental changes.

Conventional Brick Mortar construction is proved to be durable, effective, attractive as it can be personalised according to the requirements of the user.

Construction of a Conventional Brick Mortar building enforces the making of strong pillars on which the complete building is made to stand upon. If this pillar is not strong enough, the building may wear out and thus can cause much damage.

The chief materials required for this type of construction are bricks, mortar or grout, iron rods, etc.

Comparison of Speed Of Modular Construction and Conventional Brick Mortar Construction

Modular Construction

  1. It doesn’t need skilled labourers to create a module. Thus, the availability of the workers either skilled or unskilled will be able to complete the construction thus, acquiring less amount of time for the construction.

  2. The off-site construction of modules with the help of machines or labourers helps to decrease the time needed for construction and increases the speed of work as a result.

Conventional Brick Mortar Construction

  1. It requires a team of highly skilled labourers to work throughout. A little deployment in the quality of the work may result in unsatisfactory results. Thus, for better quality construction more time is required and hence, resulting in slow speed of work.

  2. Each and everything is to be constructed by the workers without any help of any machinery. Human labor requires more time to complete the task properly. This in turn results in requirement or more time for work and slow speed in finishing the assigned task.

The speed of the construction plays an important role to decide the pricing, and time required for construction. The Modular Construction is beneficial over Conventional brick mortar construction when it comes to speed of the construction.

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