the modRoom A Frame is one of our largest pods, and truly stretches the limit on what can be delivered 'complete' by road. the range topping modRoom A Frame builds on the classic 'A-Frame' design with almost cathedral-like proportions - well...for a pod! evoking the spirit of adventure and reconnecting with surroundings, the modRoom A Frame retains a stunningly contemporary feel, both on the inside and out.

the modRoom A Frame cosy yet clean design boasts an incredible sense of space and volume, thanks mainly to the huge vaulted ceiling. the modRoom A Frame is available either as a self-contained luxury en-suite 'couples' pod, or with a more basic arrangement to sleep up to 6 adults in comfort. either way, the combination of comforting design as well as abundant natural light and ventilation make for a classic yet modern take on the traditional cabin in the woods.

once manufactured, the modRoom A Frame is delivered complete and ready to use. at 4m tall, it's not only one of the most stunning (and tallest!) pods on the market, but it's also sized to meet the regulations for 'permitted development' for use as a garden building (subject to planning - check with your local authority). due to its size, the modRoom A Frame will typically require delivery with lorry-mounted crane to the final siting position. once in situ, the modRoom A Frame will be sure to become the focal point of your site for decades to come






The entire structure is made of Light Gauge Steel technology from Australia using the latest CNC controlled machines. The entire structure is designed in special software, which results in high accuracy in production.

Waterproofing Membranes

The entire external surface of the cottage is covered with water proofing membranes and sealed with Aluminium tapes.

Doors & Windows

All doors including Main Door & Internal room doors are made of solid pinewood matching with the internal pine wood paneling on the walls. Windows including fixed and sliding are made of powder coated Aluminium sections with toughened glass.


Our homes & cottages do not require any RCC plinth work on site as they come with pre-casted RCC foundation blocks which are just placed over the ground and steel tubular pipes are hammered inside the ground diagonally.

Internal Walls & Ceiling

All the internal walls & ceilings are cladded with German Pine panels, which are coated with special oils for longer durability.

Plumbing & Toilet Fixtures

The toilet in the cottage comes complete with all internal pipelines of CPVC or UPVC along with toilet fixtures from Jaguar or Kerovit such as WC, Washbasin, Faucet etc. The toilet is fitted with pressure pumps, which is included in the price. The client just needs to connect the water input and waste output at site once the cottage erection is completed.

Structural Wrapping

The entire steel structure is then wrapped with OSB (Oriented Stranded Boards), which is imported from Europe. These boards are lightweight but very strong, water & termite resistant.

External Walls & Roof

The External walls are cladded with Natural Pine Wood or Powder Coated steel panels depending on the design of the cottage. The roof is also cladded with powder coated steel panels, which can last up to 25 years in outdoor weathers.

Electrical Fittings

Complete electrical fittings including Switches, Sockets, Fans, LED lights etc of make Schneider and Havells. Electronics such as TV, AC, Geysers not included and can be fitted by clients themselves. We do air-conditioning pipeline as per the layouts.


The Walls and Roof are well insulated with Rock Wool of thickness 100-150mm, which gives the structure protection from Heat, Cold and sound.

Internal & External Flooring

The floors are fixed with heavy-duty cement fiberboards. After which, Common Living room & Bedrooms are fixed with Laminate flooring that the customer can choose from our standard catalogs. Toilets and Kitchen are fixed with vitrified tiles of make Kajaria or similar. External decks are fitted with pinewood coated with weatherproof oils.

Furniture & Soft Furnishings

No other loose furniture, soft furnishings or decorations included but are available at extra cost from Loom Crafts.

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